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We are a family of Rockhounds living in Southern Oregon, that have been digging and collecting specimen quality rocks since 1960.

 Our family has traveled to many remote destinations in the Western U.S. where we set up our camp site, usually with long time family friends. Camping with family and friends, sharing stories and seeing what treasures everyone digs from their own hole, or finds while out exploring builds wonderful memories.                            

What has captured our families interest the most is Petrified Wood. Its so wondrous to see the shape and grain of a once living tree preserved as stone.

Here at our online Rock Shop we offer unique gifts and collectables such as Petrified Wood, Oregon Thundereggs, Geodes, Rock Bookends, Exotic Agates, Slices of Rock, Fossils, Decorative Specimens, and other Quality polished stones.

       Rockhounds resting after a hard day of digging thundereggs.

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Here at our Rock Shop we do all the cutting, sanding, and polishing of these unique collectables.

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